A story in pictures about skin, that I realized in India in 2017.

I started this project when I accidentally came across a portrait of an albino girl named Namira, portrayed on a suburban train in Mumbai. I fell in love with this image, and so I kept searching till I found her, in a city of 21 million inhabitants. Albinos have a great visual appeal, a particular beauty that I adore, but in many countries are marginalized, victims of prejudice because of their skin, and for this reason they are not easy to approach. They are shy and suspicious, women are tormented by the fear of not being able to get married.

Social exclusion also affects women who are victims of a hideous kind of violence: the attack with acid. In this way, women are punished by acquaintances, often for trivial reasons. Their skin is melted, and they risk losing their sight and hearing. This crime is still widespread because of a feeling of impunity, because the submission of women, and because acids are easily found in the stores. But now, several women who have suffered this attack and who will always carry the marks on their skin, want to raise their voices. They are the so-called fighters, who speak and show themselves to the public. They don't want to be called victims, but rather survivors.

My challenge was portraying together albino people with acid attacked survivors.

© 2018 by SILVIA ALESSI.