The poetry of light. Three whirling dervishes (or Mevlevi) in the snow, performing the Sema, their ritual dance, in a mountain not far from Istanbul. White on white, light on light. They get the light from God, and they give it back to humanity. That is their meditation. I called this “Ethereal Matter Of Light”


God’s Unity: The arms crossed represent the number one, and testifies to God's unity

The Divine Breath: The reed represents the first breath which gives life to everything, the Divine Breath.

Born To The Truth: The white skirt symbolises the ego's shroud. They have to die to themselves, to be reborn to the truth

Coming Back To Life: When they whirl, their arms are open, the right hand directed to the skies ready to receive God's beneficence, the left hand turned toward the earth. This is the way of conveying God's spiritual gift to the people.

The Sema: There is no object, no being which does not revolve

Whirling: The "whirling dervishes" make the mind participate in the revolution of all other beings

Tombstone: The headdress of the dervishes symbolises their ego's tombstone

Annihilation Of The Self: The sacrifice of mind to love is a complete submission, it is a self-annihilation within the loved one. This state of ecstasy is called "Fenafillah".

Return To The Earth: The whirling dervishes reaching the state of "Fenafillah," return to their task in creation, at the end of their spiritual journey.​​

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