Bhopal, a city of Madhya Pradesh, is known for the chemical disaster of 1984. Much was written about this accident, caused by the leakage of 40 tons of methyl isocyanate in Union Carbide's pesticide plant, which killed in one night at least 4,000 people (but over time many more). Less known is the so-called second poisoning. The toxic waste from the disused factory has never been removed and the soil all around has never been remediated, with the result that soil and aquifers have been contaminated. Several studies have shown that in the area surrounding the factory the incidence of diseases (cancer, damage to the nervous system, liver and kidney) is still much higher than the country's average. We have come into contact with some families who have children affected by diseases related to this contamination. We were welcomed into their homes. An artistic reportage has emerged from these meetings, which is also a complaint of the current condition of Bhopal.

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